Friday, February 19, 2010

Something else to feel guilty about

Several years ago we had our ancient house rewired. Some of the work entailed cutting out a piece of ceiling in the entryway for the electrician to reach the wiring to an overhead light fixture. Repairing the ceiling was not part of his work agreement, so we were left with a hole in the ceiling.

Easy enough to fix with a little bit of initiative... which we failed to muster. For more than a year. We just got used to not looking up.

The ceiling is fixed now, but it comes to mind every time I think about this blog. Sitting out here, waiting for me to have something to say, which apparently I don't. So I just don't look up. Or in this case, I don't log on.

One thing I don't need to clutter my moments is another source of guilt. So here's a moment to check in. Say hello. Think about I might have to say that's worth my time or yours.

Nothing tonight. But maybe soon.