Friday, November 9, 2012

No, I don't want 'things'

I did not vote a straight ticket in Tuesday’s election.  But I did fill in more little circles for Democrats than Republicans.

I’ve heard what some people think that means.

That I’m a Godless socialist.  That I wish to punish those who achieve success. That I think government should pick winners and losers, make all our decisions, solve all our problems.

That I relish red tape paralyzing business.  That I want to tell you what kind of light bulb to use.

That I care more about contraception than the nation’s economic health.

That I sanction murdering babies and the demise of the family.  That I don’t pay taxes and refuse to take personal responsibility for my life. 

That I want the government to give me things.

So, let me set the record straight.

I sing in a church choir and am a person of faith.  I believe in the free market.  I pay plenty of taxes.  Have done so for more than 40 years, thank you.

I do enjoy a few government handouts – the mortgage interest and charitable contribution tax deductions to be specific.   I’m guessing quite a few of the folks who filled in Republican circles take those handouts, too.

I see contraception as an economic issue, as well as evidence of personal accountability.  I believe being pro-life should extend beyond just birth and that whatever options apply to Viagra should apply to The Pill as well.

I believe who you love is your business, and I’ll gladly let you choose whatever light bulb you want if you’ll let me define the people I call “family.”

I think we should be as interested in the education of our children today as we are in reducing the debt we leave them in the future.

I believe we should each take responsibility for our own lives – but also should care about more than our own personal interests.  Government is not some faceless entity – it is all of us, pooling our resources to accomplish things for us all, together, that we could not achieve on our own.  Roads. Bridges. The nation’s security. 

And, yes, lunch for hungry school children, and a hand up for those who need help getting their footing on the path of personal responsibility.

So if the “things” you believe I want are about caring and sharing, rather than acquiring solely for me and mine – I’m guilty as charged.

If not, I’ll thank you to not define what you think my vote means.