Thursday, July 3, 2008

Selective smelling

One thing I've learned as I try to be more in the moment: not all roses are worth stopping to smell.

The employee cafe in my workplace has a television tuned to one of the 24-hour cable news channels. On my morning cafe run for coffee yesterday, the screen caught my eye and I noticed a vaguely familiar figure talking, and the words "BOY GEORGE SPEAKS OUT" identifying the segment topic.

Now, I believe in free speech, a free press and the crucial role both play in our democracy. But Boy George? What could he possibly speak out about that would merit time on national news? And what decade is it, anyway?

He was wearing a hat that looked like a cross between Abe Lincoln's stovepipe and a sombrero, so perhaps he was speaking out about fashion choices. I didn't stay to find out, but instead headed back to my office thinking perhaps this living in the moment thing wasn't such a great idea, if the moments I was living in put Boy George on my mental horizon.

I was still pondering the situation this morning as I took Mr. James for a walk. As he trotted happily alongside me, I realized how he makes it work.

When there's a bone to chew, a walk to take, dog poop (far more smellable than roses in his estimation) to sniff, or a person to scratch his belly, he's wholly engaged. Otherwise, he turns his back, curls up in a ball and goes to sleep.

So I will continue my quest to be attentive to the here and now. And bid Boy George good night.

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