Friday, November 21, 2008

The buzz beyond

There was lots of conversation on the bus this morning. All of it with people who were nowhere to be seen.

A woman in the seat in front of me was discussing weekend movie options on her cell phone. I was reading through and responding to office e-mails on my BlackBerry, getting a head-start on my day. All around me were passengers similarly tapping at keypads, sending text messages somewhere into cyberspace.

As I finished my e-mail review, stuck the BlackBerry back in my bag and took note of the scene around me, I thought about the irony of our bodies bumping along on the bus while our voices and words sped ahead. We must still transport our physical selves in the analog world of the bus, but our thoughts are not similarly bound.

Pretty cool. As long as we don't forget altogether how to connect with each other in the here and now.

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Bluestem said...

It's tough, no?, to watch folks funnel their universe of perception and reflection into the tiniest electronic ear, then offer this wizard's device only the weakest imaginable, least relevant sort of message? At least blogs like yours use technology to elevate and delight. What fun to read an LO Christmas message several times a week! Your words magnify! Your wit always makes me grin!