Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thought for the moment

No five-year plan for me – I’m on the five-minute plan. You can’t be joyfully participating in the day if you’re thinking too much down the road.
– Julia Roberts


Bluestem said...

Linda, thanks for your comment on by blog! I've found it harder to decorate my heart for Christmas than to decorate my house, and that was hard enough!
I brought an LED Christmas tree to my classroom this morning, intent on kicking my spirit up a notch, but when I pulled it out of the box, (before students arrived, luckily) I found it had a large (thank goodness unoccupied) mouse nest taking up several branches. Yuk. I cleaned it off, emptied the classroom wastebasket into the big hallway recepticle, washed my hands, and plugged it in before kids showed up. I also dug around my closet for that "Grandma's Kitchen" candle I bought in August from the cheerleaders. Can you tell, I'm trying?

LO said...

Aaargh, a mouse nest would kill off any shred of remaining decorating spirit I might summon up. And since the box with the fake tree hasn't been moved from the basement for three years, there's every possibility I'd find mice or worse there. ((shudder)) So you at least get brownie points for pushing forward in the face of tribulation!