Sunday, October 24, 2010

Guess I Had to Be There

We've been blessed with spendid autumn weather for three weeks running now. My twice-daily walks with Otis are filled with beautiful moments of bright blue skies and leaves turning red, orange and yellow, more crackling underfoot every day.

I've been meaning to bring my camera on one of these walks to capture the scene, but I never seem to remember until I'm a block or two away from home.

Until today, when I realized it was just as well.

There was another time, almost 20 years ago now, when I took a camera everywhere. My kids were in all sorts of school activities -- sports, school plays, music programs -- and I captured all of it on film or videotape. Today I value the photos, the video clips, especially the class videos I assembled for each of them at the end of their 8th grade year.

But in documenting all those activities, in watching their pre-pre-pubescent years through a viewfinder, I kinda missed experiencing them.

So maybe that's why these days I can't seem to remember my camera. Maybe it's better just to be there.


Chris Ronan said...

Do you carry your phone with you on the walk? And does it have a camera?

Linda said...

I do have an iPhone with a camera. I just never remember to take it with me. Which actually is not smart, and not because of missed photo opps. I am clumsy enough that I run a definite risk of tripping over something and breaking bones.

Emily said...

I am struggling with that camera/no-camera thing. Every time Julia does something cute I grab the camera ... but every so often I force myself to leave the camera alone and just enjoy. Hard to do, but good to do, I think.

Emily said...

OH, PS - this thought process reminds me of the final scene in the film The Namesake - have you seen that movie or read that book? Both are wonderful!