Friday, August 21, 2009

A great day in the moment

I have been thinking about something profound to blog about. But today it's time to take a lesson from Mr. James, forget about profundity and just enjoy.

It's August, a time when the green spaces turn brown, the singing of cicadas is overwhelmed by the mechanical white noise of air conditioners humming 24/7 all along the block, and a high temperature in the mid-90s qualifies as a cold front.

But this afternoon it's a balmy 76 degrees, an August rarity. There are a few clouds in the sky, but enough sun to be cheery, with a breeze blowing the curtains lightly through the open windows. Thanks to an equally unusual spate of August downpours earlier in the week, the lawns up and down the street are green, as are the grassy areas alongside the neighborhood trail where Otis and I are getting acquainted with each others' walking habits.

The cicadas seem to be enjoying this fine day, as evidenced by their happy buzzing, clearly audible without the drone of synthetic cool production.

It's a Friday, I have the afternoon off, Otis and I have already gone for three walks. He's curled up next to me now, snoozing. Maybe I'll log off now and read a book. Or maybe I'll join Otis in a nap.

Whatever I do, it's my choice, and it's clearly a moment to enjoy, so with a tip of the hat to my canine mentor, I am doing so quite happily.

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