Saturday, August 8, 2009

Long time, no blog

No, I didn't expire. Nor did I decide I had no more lessons to learn. I didn't even run out of ideas to write about or time to assemble my thoughts.

My computer got the electronic version of swine flu and had to go to the computer hospital for de-virusing. I think it had been chronically ill for a good long while -- it was running really slowly, and giving me all sorts of inscrutable error messages (why do they even give you an error message, as though it is providing information, when the words are completely incomprehensible?) When it finally wouldn't let me go to any site that required a password, such as signing into my blog, or my Facebook page or email, that was enough.

It was released from the hospital this morning. The computer fix-it guy said they removed 17 trojans and 250 other issues - he said what they were but it was in the same language as those error messages. So I'm just presuming they were bad.

They also removed my previous anti-virus software, which apparently wasn't doing much for me, and gave me a different, hopefully better, one. The new one talks to me when it's been updated, presumably to remind me to do a new scan. That actually might be the only thing that's "better" about the new software -- it attempts to compensate for inattentive, lazy users.

That's all for now. I have a tsunami of email to go through and an assortment of backlogged stuff to deal with. There is news from our household, but I'll save that for another time.

Although here's a clue:

And now, my anti-virus software just told me it has updated itself. Time for a scan.

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